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Health care is complicated, especially when it comes to billing and claims. Our Advocates have helped thousands of people resolve issues and correct errors in their claims, thanks to their deep understanding of not just health care, but your company’s unique health benefits plan.

Read on to get a better idea of the many ways Advocacy Services can benefit you when it comes to health care.

Employee Success Stories

"I just want to thank Pam so much for the time and effort she took in getting my billing issue resolved. We have been at this for almost a year, but Pam hung in there with me and kept at this until an agreement was reached on the amount I owe. I know that without her unfailing assistance, I would have never arrived at this day with a final amount!

"You will never know how much my family and I appreciate the service and relief you have given us. Last year, I was looking at a bill of almost $9,000. Pam worked tirelessly and passionately for a year to get this resolved with a final amount due of $246.77! What a difference!

"...This is a wonderful benefit that is offered to us. Please know that you provide an excellent service—one that changes lives. If I had to travel down this road, I am glad that Pam was by my side. She has been nothing short of a miracle worker, and I will never forget what she has done for me."

—A Friend for Life

"I have sent letters of recognition in the past, but I have never felt so strong a desire to acknowledge and praise the exceptional help I am receiving from Anne, our Aon Hewitt Advocate.

"I underwent complicated, multiple orthopedic surgeries. These procedures required hospitalization, multiple doctors, a rehabilitation facility stay, ongoing physical therapy, medical equipment for home, and more… I can't imagine how I would be handling all this without Anne's remarkable efforts. I feel truly blessed to have Anne's assistance throughout this ordeal. Her unrelenting thoroughness, detailed knowledge of insurance company policies and procedures, exceptional communication skills, and assertiveness to know when to question the insurance company has given me the assurance and peace of mind that no surprises or misunderstandings would come up to cause me emotional strain or financial hardship.

"Anne continues to help with many claims that need correction, and I am completely confident that all these billing issues will be resolved. I truly believe that if I didn't have Anne's help, the emotional stress, worry, and confusion of paying all these medical bills would be interfering with my ability to recover and heal."

—A Recovering Mom

"I would like to take the time to praise Barbara, who helped my wife and me tremendously in solving two 'problem bills' from medical facilities. She was courteous, pleasant, and informative.

"When you lie awake at night wondering what could happen in these instances, and then a Christmas angel comes along to resolve things, well, thank goodness for Barbara. Our heartfelt thanks to her and all those in the Advocacy Group."

—A Relieved Husband

"…Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance in getting our claim problems resolved. It was a difficult and lengthy journey, but it is finally at an end. We have no idea how we could have handled all this on our own.

"We went through a difficult and emotional time, and your assistance made it much more bearable."

—A Grateful Employee

"I can’t thank you enough for the help in referring me to the Aon Hewitt Advocate to resolve my health insurance issues. It has been so stressful trying to deal with [the insurance company] while in the middle of my challenging health problems, and the Advocate resolved every single issue in one week. It’s a tremendous load off my mind so as I head into this surgery, I don’t have to be worrying about insurance mix-ups, refusals, and red tape."

—A Happy Father

"Sara has been my Advocate for the past six months. Her persistence and patience with both me and [the insurance company] led to a resolution of a very long battle. My grandfather, who has since passed, had several months of dialysis payments that were wrongly denied. After numerous frustrating phone conversations with insurance representatives, I turned to Sara for help. She updated me every week, without fail, on the progress of this dispute. Her help avoided a potential lawsuit and much stress to our family."

—A Loving Granddaughter

"We are so impressed with your prompt and efficient assistance with our claim cases. It took us many years of frustration, waiting without any results. With your assistance, in less than seven days the claims processing was complete and a check was issued. Today we received the payment. You can never know how wonderful it feels. We know without your assistance and coordination, we would never see these payments. Thank you very much!"

—An Impressed Mom

"…I needed help paying medical bills and there were many over the years while my wife was ill. Ann from your Advocate department gave me the help I needed to pay these bills not paid by my insurance. She was able to help me straighten out my life and to start feeling normal. In short, she must be the angel I asked God for.

"…My greatest thanks to Ann. I will always remember how she helped me."

—An Eternally Thankful Husband

"…After more than two years of red-taped dead ends, countless telephone calls, numerous aspirins and letters from a collection agency, I was tired of all the aggravation associated with this situation…

"[My Advocate] Jeanne was not only able to traverse her way through the mess and the maze of all the agencies involved, she kept me appraised each step of the way. And each step she took brought us closer to the resolution. I am a better-informed (and, subsequently financially more stable) person thanks to her efforts."

—An Informed Consumer

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