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Need Real Help?

Aon Hewitt’s Advocates are real people who make a real difference in your life. Our Advocates provide peace of mind, education, moral support, and issue resolution for employees, retirees, and their families who are struggling with complicated benefits questions.

Our Advocates help you overcome difficult medical and health insurance issues so you have time to focus on recovery and healthy living. They work with your insurance provider, physicians, and whomever it takes to reach the quickest possible resolution.

Our Advocates have been called “guardian angels” because they are persistent, professionally experienced, compassionate, and focused on helping you! They are dedicated to resolving your benefits challenges and ensuring you have a voice and a helping hand.


Aon Hewitt Advocacy Services provides peace of mind, moral support, education, and issue resolution for employees, retirees, and their families struggling with complicated medical and benefits questions.

Don’t be part of a statistic:

  • Nearly 20% of health insurer claims are processed incorrectly.*
  • An estimated $17 billion is wasted on claims-processing errors.*

Be a success story. More than 70% of the cases we manage require some type of correction.

*Source: American Medical Association, June 2011.